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MiYOSMART lenses – innovation in the world of optics!

  • What are MiYOSMART lenses?

The MiYOSMART lens is a non-invasive correction method that slows down the development of myopia in children. The results of a 2-year clinical trial indicate a slowdown in the progression of myopia in an average of 60% of patients. The development of myopia was slowed by 59% and the increase in axial eye length by 60% compared to children who wore standard single vision lenses. The development of vision defects was completely stopped in 21.5% of children using MiYOSMART lenses!

  • How do lenses work?

The MiYOSMART lens was created based on D.I.M.S. technology. It is a monofocal lens whose outer surface (the so-called therapeutic zone) contains hundreds of small segments, each of which causes myopic defocus. When the eye looks through an area about the size of the pupil, as shown in the figure below, a defocus zone is created in the eye. This structure of the lens allows both to slow down the growth of the axial length of the eyeball and to achieve high quality vision. The central part of the lens does not have defocusing areas (the so-called optical zone), which allows you to make correct measurements of the lens power and properly correct the refractive error to meet all the patient’s visual requirements.

It is worth noting that the optical and therapeutic zone of MiYOSMART lenses are not visible to the naked eye, and the lenses look like single vision lenses. Thanks to this, they will not attract attention among their peers. The child is provided with full comfort when using these glasses lenses.

  • What are the characteristics of MiYOSMART lenses?

MiYOSMART lenses are made of polycarbonate, an impact-resistant and durable material, so that the child can fully enjoy all the charms of childhood. Lenses with an index of 1.59 also provide an aesthetic appearance. An additional refinement is the hydrophobic coating and anti-reflection, which ensure comfort of use, transparency, scratch resistance and easy cleaning of the lenses.

  • How to purchase MiYOSMART lenses?

You can arrange an eye examination for your child at the Focus Optical Salon – a certified optical salon specializing in MiYOSMART lenses. Collaboration was initiated with Dr. An ophthalmologist who will enable comprehensive and precise eye examinations for children after cycloplegia. Our certified, highly qualified vision care specialists will make every effort to ensure that your child’s diagnostics and visual care are at the highest level. The combination of substantive and practical knowledge as well as professional experience gives 100% satisfaction and the certainty that your child is under the best care. If necessary, it is possible to extend the diagnostics to include ophthalmological advice and eye examination after cycloplegia. Depending on the eye examination at the Focus Optical Salon, an appropriate spectacle frame will be selected and specialized, individual measurements will be performed. The Focus Salon team will make every effort to ensure maximum visual comfort for your child and will do everything to stop the development of myopia.

  • What is it like to use these lenses?

Cooperation with such innovative MiYOSMART lenses is an advanced process for which all employees of Focus Optical Salons are very well prepared. An interview and a sincere conversation with the little patient, a properly performed eye examination, the selection of an appropriate spectacle frame, specialized measurements of the centration of the lenses in the frame, up to the production of individual prescription glasses. However, this is not the end, after receiving the glasses, we have a period of visual adaptation of the child, i.e. using them in all everyday situations. After 2 weeks, we meet again in the optometric office so that the child can share his or her feelings and experiences with us. He will tell us how he sees with his new glasses, how he feels in them and whether they work in every situation. We then see each other every 6 months to check the refractive error and intervene as quickly as possible if the vision defect changes, in order to correct the child’s vision as much as possible. This entire care process is, of course, provided by our Focus Optical Salons. We are certified MiYOSMART lens specialists! Join us and let’s stop myopia together!

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